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Practice Areas

We offer the traditional advantage of attentive service together with the speed and accuracy of automation.

Tax Planning & Tax Preparation


We offer year-round tax preparation and tax planning services.  Our Tax Department is available for your tax needs.  We specialize in individual and business income tax analysis, tax planning, and tax preparation.  

  • Assist clients with preparation of W-4 Forms to assure proper payment to the Internal Revenue Service to avoid tax penalties.

  • Calculate estimated taxes for the current year

  • Look for deductions for personal and business needs to reduce current year's tax liability

  • Explain tax law changes and how it affects you as a taxpayer

  • Help in organization of income tax related materials

  • Prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses.



  • We offer digital bookkeeping services on a monthly or quarterly basis.  

  • Financial Statements that includes Income/Loss Reports. 

  • Provide QuickBooks Consultation and Training


Business Advisory Services​


  • Analyze Financial Statements to recommend areas of cost savings and increased production.

  • Provide management, technical assistance, and start-up advice for new businesses

  • Business development plans and management of growth

  • Provide specialized business training to meet your company needs; which includes one-on-one and group coaching sessions


Businesses need to focus on the day-to-day operations.  We can help ease the stress of payroll by offering our professional services.  Payroll preparation that includes:

  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, year-end payroll, 

  • Miscellaneous forms (W2, 1099, etc.) 


   Notary Public Services

  Traditional Notary Public Services (witness signing) are offered in addition to marriage certificate notarizations, and   We  provide "Basic Training for an Alabama Notary Public." 

  • Administer Oaths

  • Attest and certify documents

  • Take acknowledgements of deeds and other conveyances

  • Perform certain official acts, chiefly in commercial matters

Identity Theft Protection

The number one consumer complaint is identity theft. Your information is everywhere, and it is important to protect your personal information.  Think about all of the people and businesses you come in contact with work, school, doctor’s office, shopping, etc.  You leave pieces of your identity everywhere.  With Houston-Latimore we will assist you in protecting your  most valuable asset, your identity.


Utilizing our services will help you monitor your identity by scanning for identity threats.   Another extra added bonus is tracking our credit score.  



Insurance & Retirement Planning


  • Health and Life Insurance

  • Annuities

  • Financial Portfolios

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