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Who We Are

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Our Firm

Houston-Latimore & Associates is a firm that provides quality, efficient bookkeeping, and tax preparation services to small businesses and individuals in the Birmingham-Metropolitan area.  We offer our services to a wide variety of businesses and clients.


Houston-Latimore & Associates has several unique qualities that allows us to render productive and efficient service: 

  • Cost-Our efficiency enables us to provide cost effective services to our valued clientele.

  • Professionalism-We maintain a standard of professionalism to assure our clients comfort.

  • Staff-Our staff members are thoroughly trained on current tax laws and how they affect our    clients.

  • Current-We maintain a subscription with the IRS, state, and local agencies so that we may have the latest information for the benefit of our clients.

  • Personal-Houston-Latimore & Associates realizes that every client is unique; therefore, we tailor ourselves to your business or individual needs in a professional, courteous manner.

  • Time-We realize that time is money, and we want to help you make money by alleviating all the stress and strain associated with that time-consuming paperwork.  We maintain records in a confidential safe environment which will allow you to feel confident in our abilities and stress free.

Mary Latimore, RTRP
Principal Consultant
Mary Latimore is a thirty year professional tax preparer  who assists individuals and small businesses owners throughout Alabama with tax preparation, tax planning and business planning strategies.​


Alabama Tax Diva with exhibit at Alabama Family Caregivers Network Event.
Houston-Latimore & Associates

Tel:          205-595-8156
Mobile:   205-617-5958
Fax:         205-595-8116


Address​​​​​​​​​:   127 52nd Street North

                  Birmingham, Alabama 35212

Our event is finally here.  We have worked tirelessly on planning this event and we know it’s going to be a special occasion. Take a look at this section to find out everything that you need to know: date & time, registration and other details. We want you to get the latest most information from our class session, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or special requests.

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