We offer the most comprehensive training services.  We offer training in financial services, credit repair and credit restoration, non-profit consultation, small business planning, notary public training and certification, and much, much more.

Financial Freedom 101 & 102

Our Financial Freedom 101 & 102 courses will offer beginning and intermediate knowledge on key areas to help start and build your way to financial freedom. Learn about:


  • Budgeting

  • Credit Building and Resoloution

  • Savings and Annuities

  • Plus More...



Notary Public Basic Essentials  Course-Offered Quarterly

Learn the basic essentials of operating as a licensed Notary Public for the State of Alabama.  In this course you will receive:


  • Basic Essentials for an Alabama Notary Public Manual

  • Notary Fact Sheet

  • Notary Code of Ethics

  • Practical Examination

  • Notary Pamphlet, Brochure, and Sample Forms

  • Alabama Notary Public Application and Oath of Office

  • Expert Training, Limited free Email and telephone support

  • Certifiation of Achievement

  • Also learn how to utilize your newly based knowledge in generating additional streams of income.


Payroll 101

We offer 18 Lessons on efficient payroll operations and practices. Lessons are taken over a course of 7 weeks.  This course will increase your knowledge of federal payroll tax and enable you to process payroll accurately.    In this course you will learn:


  • The Need for Payroll and Personnel Records

  • Computing Wages and Salary

  • Social Security Taxes

  • Income Tax Withholding

  • Unemployment Compensation Taxes

  • Analyzing and Journaling Payroll Transactions